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Catégorie: Epaulieres

Marque: Warrior


Senior M, L, XL.


The Warrior Dynasty AXLT Hockey Shoulder Pads provide excellent protection, comfort and fit without having to hurt your wallet. The AXLT shoulder pads showcase high density foams in the floating sternum and spine guards in addition to the clavicle and ribs for an advanced level of protection.

Another cool feature is Warrior's Ventilated performance foams in the chest and back that push hot air out and bring cool air in. These perforated foams also greatly reduce the weight, making the AXLT's 15% lighter than the AX2 shoulder pads. The shoulder caps use Smart Cap technology, which is a combination of high density foams and molded plastics to reduce the weight and offer multi-impact protection.

The interior features WarTech technology infused with Polygiene™ additives. These two features work together to keep you drier and odor-free. The 2-Timer strapping system around the ribs allows you to adjust the straps from both sides to get a customized fit.